MagNA Pure System Family

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Your genomic workflow begins with nucleic acid purification. Roche has revolutionized automated sample preparation with nearly two decades of expertise. Enhancing your laboratory workflow, the MagNA Pure Systems offer automated, flexible and consistent solutions.

Designed for an accelerated workflow

The MagNA Pure 96 System is optimized for high throughput nucleic acid purification – 96 samples extracted in less than one hour. Requiring minimal set-up with the help of prefilled reagent kits, preloaded protocols for a broad range of sample types and deck surveillance, the MagNA Pure 96 maximizes productivity and dramatically reduces handling errors.

MagNA Pure 96 System

The instrument complies with the requirements of the IVD directive 98/79/EC.

For in vitro diagnostic use.

The Legacy Continues

The MagNA Pure LC2.0 system is a mid-throughput system built on the reliability of the MagNA Pure LC System technology. With improved software, network connectivity and a new touchscreen interface, MagNa Pure LC2.0 achieves to provide easy-to-use data management capabilities.


For general laboratory use.

 MagNA Pure LC2.0 System

Benchtop extraction for up to 8 samples in ~30 minutes

With intuitive touchscreen guidance, barcode scanning of kits, preloaded protocols and conveniently prefilled reagent and consumables, the MagNA Pure Compact system offers a simplified benchtop solution for your automated extraction needs.


For general laboratory use.

MagNA Pure Compact System

Simplify labor-intensive sample homogenization

The MagNA Lyser instrument performs consistent and reproducible sample disruption. An automated small benchtop sample homogenizer and a companion to the MagNA Pure system, optimized for pre-preparation of up to 16 samples in just a few seconds.


For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

MagNA Lyser Instrument

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