cobas s 201 system

The first multi-dye nucleic acid testing (NAT) screening system

The cobas s 201 system is a complete NAT solution able to meet both current and future needs of blood screening labs.

This system provides the efficiency and reliability of real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technology, modular automation, convenient ready to-use reagents and a robust menu selection. New assays utilize multichannel capabilities to provide real-time discrimination of major viruses.
The system is backed by world-class service and strong local support in over 140 countries.

Created from a unified vision...

An understanding of the need for improved productivity, scalability and reliability - the cobas s 201 donor screening system relies on real-time PCR technology supported by technician-friendly automated pooling, sample preparation, system monitoring and final results reporting. Its scalable design allows for expansion as needed with ready-to-use-reagents, integrated back-up capabilities and built-in contamination control. The cobas s 201 system is your customizable solution for flexible, automated, world-class NAT donor screening.

Automated Pooling

The automated Hamilton STAR family of pipettors and Roche’s proprietary Pooling Wizard software is unsurpassed for ease in pooling.

Pooling and Data Management Server

The single high-capacity server can accommodate multiple configurations to meet variable throughput needs while providing system safeguards such as data back-up, data recovery, data redundancy and data retrieval capabilities.

Scalable and Flexible Automation

Powered by a single high-capacity server, the cobas s 201 system lets you establish and change system configurations to meet your workflow requirements with less labor and provides integrated back-up capabilities.

Scale up or scale down. You can implement a world-class system today that can change to meet your needs tomorrow.

Technology to Support Emerging Pathogens

The cobas s 201 system supports assays with a platform designed for detection of emerging pathogens. The system is designed to easily accommodate future needs.

Start-to-Finish Monitoring

The system monitors samples, ready-to-use reagents, disposables and the testing process from start to finish.

User-Friendly Software and Server

The software and server provide system security, surveillance and reporting capabilities. Roche is raising the bar in laboratory quality by providing maximized flexibility with full system audit and data security.

Superior Service and Support

The cobas s 201 system is made and supported by Roche, the industry leader in service. In three Washington G-2 Reports, Roche has been rated #1 in service and support.* Our service engineers and application specialists are unsurpassed in their responsiveness, professionalism and reliability.

Automated Sample Preparation and Real-Time PCR

Easily manage automated nucleic acid extraction and world-class real-time PCR... See the possibilities.




*Washington G-2 Reports First National Reagent Vendor Quality Survey Report, 2005


Full automation including optional pooling and archiving with minimal hands-on time for the entire testing process :

  • Confidence in the test results through full process control
  • Comprehensive assay menu with ready to-use reagents
  • Built-in viral target resolution through multi-dye technology makes confirmation testing obsolete

Scalable, modular system:

  • Flexible, mix-and-match scalability helps NAT labs work more efficiently
  • Supports simultaneous multiple assay processing
  • Accommodates integrated backup to maximize lab productivity

Pooling and data management server:

  • Single server, accommodating multiple instrument configurations and providing the added security of built-in redundancy

cobas® TaqScreen MPX Test, v2.0

  • Cover five critical viral targets (HIV-1 Group M, HIV-1 group O, HIV-2, HCV and HBV) in one easy-to-use assay
  • Immediate virus discrimination in a single assay, no need for virus discriminatory testing

cobas® TaqScreen DPX Test

  • Simultaneous quantitative detection of parvovirus B19V DNA and qualitative Detection of HAV
  • B19V target values are traceable to the WHO B19V International standard

cobas® TaqScreen WNV Test

  • Qualitative in vitro test for the direct Detection of West Nile virus (WNV) RNA in human plasma
  • Screening test for donations of whole blood and blood components
  • Capable of detecting other members of flavivirus that have been implicated in fusion transmitted infectious disease

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