COBAS® AmpliPrep / COBAS® TaqMan® system

Discover a new benchmark in efficiency

At Roche, we believe that before we can make a difference in the lives of patients, we need to make a difference in the lives of our customers. It has been the driving principle of our pioneering work in viral load monitoring since 1996.

From our proven heritage of leadership to our continued commitment to innovation, our solutions give you greater flexibility, increased efficiency and enhanced data integrity for your laboratory. You can have confidence to stand behind — and take pride in — your work. When that happens, we have made a difference.

In the real-time PCR era, COBAS® AmpliPrep / COBAS® TaqMan® Systems have been trusted to perform more than 85 million tests worldwide.*


*Data as of the end of 2012




Molecular lab : cobas AmpliPrep

Full automation, continuous loading, in a configuration that fits your lab 
Because no two labs are the same, we designed our system to provide multiple configuration options with flexibility in processing modes. Flexibility means the system can expand and adapt to your workflow and operational changes. From docked instrumentation to linked format, small to large volume workflow, batch or continuous loading mode, the system makes viral load monitoring practical for every lab.

Flexible throughput capacity

  • Results for nine to 21 patient samples per rack without reagent waste
  • Run a total of 147 patient samples within an eight-hour shift
  • Overnight operation with the docked system for expanded throughput

Reliable assay performance

  • FDA approved for four viral load monitoring assays (HIV-1, HCV, HBV and CMV)
  • Broad dynamic range minimizes the need for repeat testing or dilutions
  • High precision and sensitivity to deliver the standard of care for viral load monitoring
  • Extensive clinical and analytical data for each assay in every package insert to support your verification testing
  • Global surveillance programme for monitoring of viral sequence changes

Molecular lab : COBAS Taqman Analyser

Integrity of results

  • Ready-to-use, bar-coded, and calibrated reagent cassettes
  • Proprietary AmpErase enzyme prebuilt into every reaction
  • Closed-tube processing and dedicated consumables to minimize contamination and protect the integrity of your samples
  • Quantitation standard included in every reaction for internal calibration and control
  • Approved for single room operation
  • Clot detection and input-volume surveillance for dependable self-monitoring

Molecular lab : cobas p 630

Pre-analytical, fully automated patient tube handling 
Experience increased productivity with a pre-analytical, fully automated solution for patient tube handling. Designed to reduce hands-on time and further improve laboratory efficiency, the state-of-the-art cobas p 630 instrument improves your laboratory’s productivity while also providing the security that only comes from robotic assurance.


  • Transfer of patient samples from primary or secondary transport tubes to s-input tubes
  • De-capping and capping of s-input tubes
  • Mixing and pipetting of Roche controls


  • Single cobas p 630 instrument supports up to three COBAS® AmpliPrep/COBAS® TaqMan® systems in various configurations
  • Compatible with a variety of tube sizes and dimensions
  • Capacity for up to 320 patient tubes loaded on deck
  • Transfers up to 157 patient samples/hour


  • Maintain integrity of patient samples with separate pre-analytical handling
  • Positive ID sample tracking from patient tube through to result
  • Process surveillance technologies for monitoring of liquid handling performance
  • Bi-directional connectivity between LIS, Amplilink® software and cobas p 630 instrument

Safety and reliability

  • Closed tubes for samples and purified nucleic acids minimize contamination
  • Sample tracking with bar-coded tubes prevents sample mix-ups


  • Handles up to four tests simultaneously; continuous reloading during the run
  • Ready to use reagents – no aliquoting or mixing required
  • Overnight runs
  • Additional generic sample preparation for other PCR systems increases the versatility of the instrument

Reliability for routine PCR

  • Reliable results within two to three hours
  • Sensitive, highly linear tests can handle both low titer and high titer samples in the same run
  • Greater safety due to AmpErase enzyme contamination prevention and internal controls for detecting possible PCR inhibitors

With manual sample preparation

  • HCV quantitative
  • HBV quantitative
  • HIV-1 quantitative
  • Chlamydia trachomatis qualitative
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis qualitative


With automated sample preparation

  • HCV qualitative and quantitative
  • HBV quantitative
  • CMV quantitative
  • HIV-1 quantitative
  • HLA–B * 5701
  • HIV-1 qualitative *


* Not commercially available in all countries.

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